Honey-Mustard Junk Chicken: For When You Just Can’t Even

If you want just the recipe, click here. But I totally suggest reading on for the inspiring message.

One of my favorite songs as a teenager/college student/even today is by a Christian girl band named Superchick. The song is called “One Girl Revolution” which is an extremely upbeat, positive, encouraging song for young women and you should definitely check it out if you know a woman.

Wonderfully enough, they follow up that same song with a reference to it in another called “One and Lonely” with a completely different twist on the same idea. A one girl revolution can get quite lonely and difficult at times. In fact, “Some days it’s hard to be a one girl revolution” as the bridge puts it.

This recipe is for those days. The days where you struggle with feeling insecure, frustrated, tired, anxious, or whatever it is that gets you down.

The Recipe

love the crockpot. It is my best friend on days like these. This recipe is very simple and can be modified to use up those fresh veggies everyone buys with good intent and never uses.



The basis for this recipe is simple: Chicken, honey, and stone ground mustard.

I like to use thighs because they become shredded chicken very quickly. They also stay moist (ew… that word…) and very flavorful. Plus, as you can see, they are fairly cheap.

When you mix those three flavors, plus any vegetables you have lying around, you get a fantastic mix for a rice bowl:


I used cabbage, onion, celery, and garlic as my add-ons but that was because those were what we had going bad in the fridge.

With the onion and the cabbage, I did a very rough chop which means I didn’t bother cutting them up very fine. The crockpot will cook everything well and super small veggies are bound to disintegrate.


Step One: layer your chicken in the bottom of the crockpot.


Totally fine if it overlaps.

Step Two: Mix the Honey and Mustard together. I use an equal amount of each, about 3tbsp, but you can adjust this to your preferences.


Honey doesn’t pile nicely. So it looks uneven. But I promise the amounts are the same.

Step Three: Coat your chicken in the mixture, then top with veggies. I also add 1/4 cup of apple juice because honey can burn in crockpots and I didn’t want to risk it. Adding a liquid keeps things more on the steaming end of cooking than the baking end.

A Note about Cook Times: My picture shows that I set my crockpot for six hours, that ended up being way too long. The food was thoroughly cooked at around four hours and I had to switch it to “Keep Warm” for the rest of the time. My crockpot runs extremely hot however, so I recommend adjusting the cook time to your own tools.

And that was it! Afterwards I made a batch of rice (follow package instructions and you’ll be fine!) and we had rice bowls.


I highly recommend trying this with whatever you have on hand. Honey Mustard is a very versatile flavor and the whole meal was low in calories because it was mostly vegetables and shredded chicken.

The last thing you want to worry about on “Can’t even” days is your calories, so toss a pile of fridge junk together and feel confident that you’ve accomplished at least three goals:

  1. You cleaned out the fridge
  2. You made a homemade dinner
  3. You ate something remotely healthy

Even if it’s a day where you spent it in your PJ’s watching re-runs of Parks and Recreation you can be confident you ended it well.


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