About Gluten Frugal

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Hello! Welcome to my kitchen. You’ll be seeing a lot of it here.

I’m Lyn, the author/inventor/experimentor here at Gluten Frugal. In my Graduate School program I’m known as everyone’s “Second Mom” or “Den Mother”. To my students I’m the teacher who makes fudge. To my in-laws I’m the “Favorite DIL” (Also their ONLY daughter-in-law) because of my holiday baking sprees. To friends I’ve got the welcoming kitchen with good food and laughs. My kitchen creations are usually well-recieved by all and I love adding those little easy touches that make things look good without actually taking much effort.

“It’s not excessive, it’s delicious!” – Co-Worker

I love creating things, be they food, blankets, essays, or stories. My husband and I met through a forum for writing Star Wars fanfiction and are both avidly artistic. He (and the rest of his family) has Celiac Disease, which is a very pesky autoimmune disorder that makes your body treat gluten like a toxin and causes all sorts of havok, so when we got married I had to go gluten-free.

Luckily, I have 10+ years of hobby-baking experience and a very creative attitude towards the kitchen. Science and research are my best friends in the gluten-free life, but years of homeschooling-home-ec teaching me how to bake, cook, and improvise with “Whatever-you-can-find” dinners is the perfect background for experimental gluten-free cooking. I love trying to figure out why certain recipies work and here I will do all that for you so you just have to follow the instructions and then eat tasty food!

“Baking is just science for hungry people.” – Questionable Content

This website is a place for:

  • Easy recipes for gluten-free food
  • Grocery guides for shopping on a budget/meal planning
  • Explanations for why each recipe works
  • And informational content about the gluten-free life

There will be lots of pictures here. And plenty of information, especially about the baking science. Knowing when to use rice flour vs corn, why you need to bake g-free cookies for two-minutes less than regular cookies, or what cross-contamination is and how to eliminate it will always be provided alongside step-by-step instructions and tips for keeping your groceries under-budget.

Hopefully you find something here that helps you out, whether it’s cheap cooking, gluten-free cooking, Celiac information, or just a friendly new blog to read. I’m happy to have you in my kitchen anytime!


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